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Real-life Examples of Discriminating Artificial Intelligence

Real-life Examples of Discriminating Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence. Some say that it’s a buzzword that doesn’t really mean much. Others say that it’s the cause of the end of humanity. The truth is that artificial intelligence (AI) is starting a technological revolution, and while AI has yet to take over the world, there’s a more pressing concern that we’ve already encountered: AI bias. What is AI bias? AI bias is the underlying prejudice in data that’s used to create AI algorithms, which can ultimately result in discrimination and other social consequences. Let me give a simple example to clarify the… Read More

A Simple Guide to A/B Testing for Data Science

Picture created by myself, Terence Shin, and Freepik Check out my article ‘Hypothesis Testing Explained as Simply as Possible’ if you don’t already know what hypothesis testing is first! A/B testing is one of the most important concepts in data science and in the tech world in general because it is one of the most effective methods in making conclusions about any hypothesis one may have. It’s important that you understand what A/B testing is and how it generally works. Table of Content What is A/B testing? Why is it important to know? How to conduct a standard A/B test… Read More

A Beginner-Friendly Explanation of How Neural Networks Work

What is a Neural Network? A few weeks ago, when I started to learn about neural networks, I found that the quality of introductory information for such a complex topic didn’t exist. I frequently read that neural networks are algorithms that mimic the brain or have a brain-like structure, which didn’t really help me at all. Therefore, this article aims to teach the fundamentals of a neural network in a manner that is digestible for anyone, especially those that are new to machine learning. Before understanding what neural networks are, we need to take a few steps back and understand what artificial… Read More