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Basic Statistics You NEED to Know for Data Science

Basic Statistics You NEED to Know for Data Science   The purpose of this is to provide a comprehensive overview of the fundamentals of statistics that you’ll need to start your data science journey. There are many articles already out there, but I’m aiming to make this more concise. Measures of Central Tendency Mean: the average of a dataset. Median: the middle of an ordered dataset; less susceptible to outliers. Mode: the most common value in a dataset; only relevant for discrete data. Measures of Variability Range: the difference between the highest and lowest value in a dataset. Variance (σ2): measures how spread out a… Read More

What is Exploratory Data Analysis?

What is Exploratory Data Analysis? Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA), also known as Data Exploration, is a step in the Data Analysis Process, where a number of techniques are used to better understand the dataset being used. ‘Understanding the dataset’ can refer to a number of things including but not limited to… Extracting important variables and leaving behind useless variables Identifying outliers, missing values, or human error Understanding the relationship(s), or lack of, between variables Ultimately, maximizing your insights of a dataset and minimizing potential error that may occur later in the process Here’s why this is important. Have you heard… Read More

All Machine Learning Models Explained in 6 Minutes

All Machine Learning Models Explained in 6 Minutes In my previous article, I explained what regression was and showed how it could be used in application. This week, I’m going to go over the majority of common machine learning models used in practice, so that I can spend more time building and improving models rather than explaining the theory behind it. Let’s dive into it. Fundamental Segmentation of Machine Learning Models All machine learning models are categorized as either supervised or unsupervised. If the model is a supervised model, it’s then sub-categorized as either a regression or classification model. We’ll go over what these terms mean and the corresponding models… Read More