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What is Statistical Bias and Why is it so Important in Data Science?

What is Statistical Bias? Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay Introduction Imagine this. You’re running for president and you want to be the voice of the majority. So you head to an environmentalist movement and ask five people what they think about the meat industry and all five of them unanimously say that meat production should be banned. Immediately, you’re convinced that everyone wants to ban meat production to save Earth. You make this your headline for your campaign and preach it day and night thinking that this is the secret to winning your campaign. 4 months later, you end up with less… Read More

How to Evaluate Your Machine Learning Models with Python Code!

Python Model Evaluation You’ve finally built your machine learning model to predict future prices of Bitcoin so that you can finally become a multi-billionaire. But how do you know that the model you created is any good? In this article, I’m going to talk about several ways you can evaluate your machine learning model with code provided! There are two parts to this article: A) Evaluating Regression Models B) Evaluating Classification Models If you don’t know the difference between regression and classification models, check out here. More specifically, I’m going to cover the following metrics: R-Squared Adjusted R-Squared Mean Absolute Error Mean Squared… Read More

How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Business in 2020

How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Business in 2020 Image by Garik Barseghyan from Pixabay Introduction Industrial revolutions only happen once in a blue moon, and yet, we find ourselves in the process of a profound revolution, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) revolution. Over 200 years ago, we experienced the first Industrial Revolution when the steam engine was invented. A century later, we invented electricity, and a century after that, the internet. Like all of these discoveries, artificial intelligence has revolutionized our economy and has disrupted every industry that you can think of. But first, what makes AI so revolutionary? Like the steam engine and… Read More