AI Compliance: Can AI Change/Transform Compliance?

AI Compliance: Can AI Change/Transform Compliance? Photo by @loicleray on Unsplash   All industries have some form of regulatory body governing them. Within these industries are entities of which each have their own regulations that are enforced by the regulatory agencies to ensure fair competition, the economic system remains stable, and to also protect the interest of common people like yourself and I. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the regulatory agencies to set the seal on:  A balanced economic growth Trust in the Economic system  Fair competition People are not exploited    We’ve been experiencing a technological revolution. The… Read More

The Confusion Matrix

The Confusion Matrix Photo by @honeyyanibel on Unsplash   Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been framed as the solution to some of mankind’s most complex problems on earth. From recommendation engines, to digital assistance, to self-driving cars, etc., it’s to adopt the misconception that AI systems are blameless which in reality is very far from the truth.    When a company decides to adopt AI into their workflow, more often than not, it is an action taken in hopes of driving business value. However, knowledge that AI algorithms are not void of errors is one of the first steps towards generating… Read More

How Gender Bias Led to the Scrutiny of the Apple Card

How Gender Bias Led to the Scrutiny of the Apple Card Imagine a world where credit cards have no hidden fees, no ridiculous interest rates, and also encourage you to develop healthy spending habits… This has become a reality with the Apple Card. What is the Apple Card? The Apple Card is a smart credit card that leverages Apple’s technology and was designed to be used synonymously with Apple Pay and Apple devices. In essence, the Apple Card aspired to be everything that a normal credit card wasn’t: It aims to maximize transparency into your spending habits by providing periodic spending summaries, pinpointing… Read More