Machine Learning Model Validation: A Closer Look and A Breakdown of Current Challenges

The machine learning validation process is the machine learning equivalent of a full scale roll-out. Machine Learning (ML) projects are often divided into two phases: Data preparation and Model Validation. During the first phase, machine learning algorithms are applied to selected datasets in order to produce machine learned models; models that use historical data to predict future trends or outcomes. It is during this phase that machine learning engineers create machine algorithms from corporate databases or other machine learning sources.  With enough time, effort and patience, truly effective machine learned models can be developed with accuracy rates approaching nearly 100%…. Read More

Machine Learning For The Modern Enterprise: The Way Forward For AI ModelOps

Machine learning — it is difficult to argue that there is an emerging technology that is quite as impactful and has as much potential as the ability to train systems to become really smart and operate in ways previously thought unimaginable. As a matter of fact, research published by Microsoft showed that companies that have a strong AI strategy in place are outperforming companies that do not by as much as 5%.  The impact is unquestionable, so one would wonder why not all companies are jumping into the fray and implementing their own machine learning strategies. The simple answer is,… Read More

What is a Machine Learning Pipeline?

    Today, we look forward to learning about an interesting and blossoming process of Artificial Intelligence, i.e., Machine Learning Pipelines.   Before we start, let’s try to contemplate the terms for better understanding. ‘Machine Learning’ – this is the red-hot iron about which we all have read dozens of articles, compositions, and more. The inference has always been the same, ‘machine learning is an approach to data analysis that involves building and adapting models, which allow programs to learn through experience.’ ‘Pipeline’ – Have you ever visited a manufacturing plant and seen the assembly lines there where a component… Read More