Machine Learning For The Modern Enterprise: The Way Forward For AI ModelOps

Machine learning — it is difficult to argue that there is an emerging technology that is quite as impactful and has as much potential as the ability to train systems to become really smart and operate in ways previously thought unimaginable. As a matter of fact, research published by Microsoft showed that companies that have a strong AI strategy in place are outperforming companies that do not by as much as 5%.  The impact is unquestionable, so one would wonder why not all companies are jumping into the fray and implementing their own machine learning strategies. The simple answer is,… Read More

What is a Machine Learning Pipeline?

    Today, we look forward to learning about an interesting and blossoming process of Artificial Intelligence, i.e., Machine Learning Pipelines.   Before we start, let’s try to contemplate the terms for better understanding. ‘Machine Learning’ – this is the red-hot iron about which we all have read dozens of articles, compositions, and more. The inference has always been the same, ‘machine learning is an approach to data analysis that involves building and adapting models, which allow programs to learn through experience.’ ‘Pipeline’ – Have you ever visited a manufacturing plant and seen the assembly lines there where a component… Read More

What is a Support Vector Machine?

    Most neophytes, who begin to put their hands to Machine Learning, start with regression and classification algorithms naturally. These algos are uncomplicated and easy to follow. Yet, it is necessary to think one step ahead to clutch the concepts of machine learning better. There are a lot more concepts to learn in machine learning, which may not be as rudimentary as regression or classification techniques, but can help us answer different intricate cases. So, today let us get familiar with one such algorithm, the Support Vector Machine or SVM. What is a Support Vector Machine? Let us walk… Read More