Technology has done more than enable your enterprise to understand your customers.
Get the “Real” 360⁰ View of Your Customer
Aug 28 2017
Technology has empowered customers and increased their options, individualizing their buying patterns for greater than ever marketing segmentation. Your customers expect you to know what they want when they want it, and you can maximize gains by delivering to these expectations through consistent and personalized experiences throughout store, mobile app, web, and email interactions.
The 360⁰ view is based on the idea that through integrating and aggregating channel interactions and customer touch points, you can get a more accurate understanding of your customers. The challenge arises in cobbling together customer data from multiple sources to effectively follow leads, identify churn patterns, and rapidly identify the next best action.
A “real” 360⁰ view can only be approached by integrating real time data streams with this multichannel historical data.
Web commerce is especially dependent on the ability to react fast. Customers no longer have to drive across town to compare prices; navigation to competitors and price surfing is only a few clicks away. Once a customer is on your page, more than ever the imperative is to keep them there. Integrating real time data gives you the ability to provide options to customers not only based on their historical interactions, but also based on immediate buying behaviors.
Those of us who have made an impulse buy know that our buying behavior cannot be accurately predicted by our buying behavior in the past. We also know that when a website accurately “predicts” our current interests, we are likely to spend more.
Understanding past and current behavior is possible through a few clicks. Emma, our AI assistant, gives lead prioritization insight and provides actionable suggestions to target customer churn and enrich customer engagement.
Datatron provides a sales optimized system, which lies on top of your current infrastructure and allows your associates to integrate real time data streams with the information stored in databases and other system datasets through a few clicks using an automated and easy to use workflow.
Emma, our AI assistant, analyzes your sales data, gives lead prioritization insight, and provides actionable suggestions to target customer churn and enrich customer engagement. Sales associates may receive a couple hundred leads a day, requiring them to pick and choose which to focus on. Based on historical and current customer behavior, Emma automatically compiles and presents this information, saving time lost on lead prioritization and unproductive leads, enhancing both the productivity and effectiveness of your sales associates.
Real time data streams allow Emma to be always learning from your most current data, so as your customer behavior changes, Emma is ready to respond with the latest insight.
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