Month: July 2021

Datatron CEO Lauded by Intercon Award for Track Record of Success and Innovation

Harish Doddi, founder & CEO of Datatron, continues to lead the pack as a technology trailblazer.    We are proud to announce that Doddi has won the 2021 Intercon Excellence in Technology award with top scores in both the “innovation” and “future readiness” categories.  Intercon recognizes Doddi for bringing a new solution to market and breaking the status quo in Machine Learning, Model Operations and governance for enterprise.  Datatron is overjoyed to add this accolade to our list of accomplishments, which includes awards from CIO, Gartner and O’Reilly, among others. In light of this latest accomplishment, we’d like to share some… Read More

How Data Driven MLOps underpins Enterprise AI Success

Artificial intelligence for business  is changing the way we do work and companies are slow to adopt enterprise AI. A study conducted by MIT Sloan School of Management found that only 11% of surveyed business executives said they plan on integrating machine-learning capabilities into their products or services within three years.   One reason for this is because machine learning can be expensive and time consuming. For example, according to McKinsey analysis machine learning adds a 30% annual cost increase per unit at scale which would equate to $600 million in additional costs over a four year period. And it’s… Read More

Machine Learning Model Validation: A Closer Look and A Breakdown of Current Challenges

The machine learning validation process is the machine learning equivalent of a full scale roll-out. Machine Learning (ML) projects are often divided into two phases: Data preparation and Model Validation. During the first phase, machine learning algorithms are applied to selected datasets in order to produce machine learned models; models that use historical data to predict future trends or outcomes. It is during this phase that machine learning engineers create machine algorithms from corporate databases or other machine learning sources.  With enough time, effort and patience, truly effective machine learned models can be developed with accuracy rates approaching nearly 100%…. Read More