Month: April 2021

Types of Neural Networks in Machine Learning

    Latterly, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is a hot topic in the tech industry. Perhaps more than our day-to-day lives, Artificial Intelligence is influencing the business world more than anything else. There was about $300 million in venture capital invested in AI startups in 2014, a 300% increase from a year before. And if you’ve spent any time reading about artificial intelligence, you’ll almost certainly have heard about neural networks. But what are they exactly? Let us find out. 1. What are Neural Networks? Neural Networks are a genre of models within the general machine learning literature that… Read More

What is Model Validation and Why is it Important?

We all have pursued enough articles about Machine Learning, and the first notion we often come up with is ‘Machine Learning is about making predictions.’ Yes, it is somewhat convincing, but these predictions come up after assorted processes like Data Preparation, Choosing a Model, Training the Model, Parameter Tuning, Model Validation, etc. So, only after carrying out the aforementioned operations, a Machine Learning Model (Regression or Classification) is efficient to make predictions.   Let’s have a look below to have a better understanding.     What is Model Validation?   So, as the name suggests ‘Model Validation’, we can perceive… Read More

Machine Learning For Computer Vision

  “Computers can see, hear and learn”   Sounds unreal, No? The answer is MACHINE LEARNING and COMPUTER VISION. Machine Learning has received increased attention in recent years and it’s getting ubiquitous as its applications range from self-driving cars to predicting deadly diseases such as ALS. ML is the red hot study that enables the computer to learn without being programmed precisely. The foremost aim is getting Machines to solve problems by gaining the ability to think and improve with experience…After reading this, one thing must have popped in your head ‘How is it done!’ DATA and Algorithms, this is… Read More