Month: February 2021

What is MLOps?

What is MLOps? Finally! The company you’ve been working for, for the past 8 years has heeded your cries to invest in machine learning, a growing feat poised to revolutionize business as we know it. You were placed in charge of growing the Data Science team, you’re foresight had you covered though. The past 18 months of lingering around lucrative Data Science circles and becoming acquainted with the culture in your free time unlocked your privileged access to the first dabs of some of the most competent Data Scientists around. Excited by the prospects of churning out models to solve… Read More

What Is A Model Governance Framework?

What Is A Model Governance Framework? As many of the largest organizations in the world have proven the benefits of using data-driven decisions to steer their ship effectively, more and more organizations are ditching the traditional instinctive leadership styles and adopting this new way of driving business results. Machine Learning applications, what popular Artificial Intelligence enthusiast, Andrew Ng, considers to be the new electricity, has risen to the helm of business across various industries. Despite the highly regarded status and the value that Machine Learning has to offer to an organization, these types of models introduce a new type of… Read More

Specializations and Opportunities in Healthcare Data Science

Specializations and Opportunities in Healthcare Data Science     The applications of data science and software engineering in Healthcare are vast. From applying Bayesian Statistics in modeling the human genome to predicting breast cancer in images through neural networks, there is a huge opportunity for data scientists and engineers to grow and learn in this industry. But it is important to understand the various specializations within Healthcare Data Science and the opportunities that exist within them. By knowing more about your specialization and the required skill set for that domain, you are more likely to land a job and be… Read More